Autosoft Latest Version Update Newsletter RELEASE DATE: MARCH 25TH 2015

Version 168 RELEASE DATE: April-May 2015

There are some great enhancements and new features available in the latest update of your Autosoft system. To update your Autosoft version follow this guide, you will need to contact us for the latest password before applying the update.



  • Workshop Invoice: Print Job Card - Change message to be job card message after the invoice has been printed.
  • Creditor Invoice: Conversion amounts were adding up and causing balances to not come out the same as the amount that was to be paid. Error now comes up if the balance and the amount are incorrect.
  • Recon Invoice: MBR missing on ReconInvoice.rpt. Has now been added.

Repco Integration:

  • How to set up Repco integration :
  • How to use the Repco link for invoice:

  • How to use Repco integration for stock orders:


  • WorkshopInvoice.rpt: Extended phone number field on the workshop invoices as fax number was being cut off
  • VehicleSales.rpt: GP% was adding up incorrectly. Changed the formula to use Nett Sold Price instead of Price ExGS
  • StockTopSalesByQty.rpt: Report was coming up with no values when searching by specific invoice types. Changed the Values from PI to Parts Invoice (for example
  • WsDueReport.rpt: Contact phone numbers not coming up with Mobile numbers. Changed report to allow for mobile numbers if there isn't a phone number

Branch System 

  • Branch Transfer: Check Branch stock when doing a branch transfer and bringing up the list of stock after using the min/max check.

Global Red

  • GlobalRed: Allow days with 0 transactions to also be processed. Trimmed the descriptions so that they didn’t come up with extra blanks at the beginning and end.





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    All previous older release Versions Features and Release notes can be found here

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    Lucy Blom

    Previous notes 


    Version RELEASE DATE: 25 June 2014 - New Financial Year 2015 Tax table update included

    There are some great enhancements and new features available in the latest update of your Autosoft system. To update your Autosoft version follow this guide, you will need to contact us for the latest password before applying the update.


    New Features/Enhancements/Fixes

    Payroll Program Module

    • Branch Systems  > Payroll > Leave Taken By Emp: Updated to include branch. 



    • Reports > PayrollPAYGSummary: Superannuation had an extra 'p'. Have removed this so that it is spelt correctly. 


    Workshop Module

    • Workshop Invoice >Available Selections for Product lookup>Added 'No Cost' Queries. This will allow owners to restrict staff users from seeing cost prices of products. See this guide on Security Maintenance for more info

    No_Costs_Query.png > No_Costs_Security_Admin.png

    • Recon Invoice: included Mobile number in the suppression for phone number/fax. In recon invoice, the invoice suppressed/blocks the words phone and fax when these don't exist. Mobile has been included here.


    Parts Module

    • Parts Invoice > Credit Returns: Notes on the invoice getting crushed. Improvement to the original fix from Includes the Duplicate.BP and DuplicateGenInv.BP


    Service Van Module


    • Fix for piVanID not updating, so the system wasn't taking into account that the van had been changed (after the first order put through). The ID number now reverts back to 0 every time an order is put through.


    Reports Console

    • Report > Debtor Analysis > Added average customer worth to summary.


    • Query Report: Stock > Stock Master File > Added Location1 and Location2 to the Slow Moving Stock and Stock Never Sold reports. 


    • Reports > Balance Sheet: Accounts weren’t adding up correctly. Change to the Balance Sheet query has resolved this. 


    General Ledger

    • General Ledger > GL Dissections: Dissections were not clearing correctly on the creditor invoices, general invoices and journals. They are now clearing the original balance correctly. 

    • Till Reconciliation (with System File option set to manually click to Update GL for Till) Update GL shift issues: Added the rounding back to the code, as this was causing issues with the GL and completing Shifts 


    Price Updates

    • Kia Price Update: Changed "end of line" to "E", as the character E seems to always be the first character on the final line. "End of line" might change. 


    Key Numbers 

    • Key Numbers - Profit and Loss: Profit and Loss report was not opening up if it is opened a 2nd time. This was due to the dashboard for that tab not refreshing correctly. 


    System File 

     Utilities > System File > Removed the "Use New Carrier" feature in SMS and changed the system to now use SMSGlobal only. This is because Mobile Messenger hasn't been supported for 2 years. The guide on how to setup SMS features with SMS Global can be found here

    • Utilities > System File > Workshop - Do Not Allow Price Changes in Invoice - new feature that allows you to override any security admin setting and disallow any price changes being made at the time of invoice. 


    All previous older release Versions Features and Release notes can be found here
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    Lucy Blom

    Version 167 RELEASE DATE: 31st December 2014 

    There are some great enhancements and new features available in the latest update of your Autosoft system. To update your Autosoft version follow this guide, you will need to contact us for the latest password before applying the update.




    • Item sales report now displays the stock Min and Max Levels:



    • Account Listing report now can be filtered by branch:


    • Vehicle History Detail report: Changed the way that the Next service works. It will now use the vehicle history date function, rather than the next service date on the vehicle master file.


    • Stocktake Variance Report has the location of the stock added:


    • SalesReport.rpt: Updated to allow for the inclusion of discounts in the Ex GST column.


    • Long service leave Query in Payroll

    Go to Payroll> Employee> Queries


    Global Red

    -Adjustment to the amounts coming up on the report. They were coming up incorrect due to incorrect formatting (integer, not number/decimal)

    • GlobalRed: Changed the price amounts due to an error within the spreadsheet.



    -Workshop Invoice: extended the size of the Order Number box.

    -Workshop Invoice: Internal and Warranty invoices no longer come up with Discount amount.

    • Added MRB Number for Western Australia customer to Invoices and Payments.

    • Statement report can now sort records by date and reference Number.




    Branch System:

    Take Note: You have to purchase the Branch System feature to have access to this transfer module. 

    • Branch Transfer: Saved Transfer added as a query to the post date ellipsis.
    • Branch Transfer: Post date ellipsis now shows all closed transactions from the current    branch, not the to branch like it used to

    Go to Parts> Stock > Branch Transfer


    System File /Branch Details

    • System File: Enabled the Vehicle Quotes and Orders feature (Caravans). Also, formatted the way this looked in the system file


    System Fix’s/bug fixes:

    -Quotes: Find customer details by rego resolved and changes to the quote are now disallowed after workshop invoice has been created.

    -EFT/Cheque: Allow for reference to change between EFT number and Cheque number as you tick and untick the box

    - GL Transactions For Vehicle (Query): Updated query to take out any transactions that use the stock number as REF2 in any other part of the program. A stock number of 4119 will not come up with workshop invoices that had a job number of 4119.

    • Remittance report linked to the branch system is now available 
    • Work In Progress: Item code was too far to the left. Was cutting off numbers, now is fixed

    -MBR Number: Deleted the line that was using the Dealer license. This can now be empty and the MBR number will show.

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