Programming Change Requests and Development Wish Lists

If a feature isn't available within the Autosoft program, or you would like an adjustment to a current feature in the program we would love to hear your feedback and see what we can do to make it happen!


Our policy on Development and Programming request are;


If you need a feature/enhancement added to the system and it is integral to the running of your business:

1. Fill in a programming change request form (as attached) so we can gauge if we can do the developing and programming required

2. If the programming/development can be done we will send you a quote for how much this will cost you.

3. Once the quote is returned we can schedule a time to do it for you


If it is a feature you would like added and you do not wish to pay for the programming to be done:

1. Let us know what your request is and we will add it to our Programming and Developement Wish List

2. We review all requests on the list and the more customers that request a feature &/or if the feature is viable for us to add to the system we do the programming for it.

3. Keep a eye out for Update emails and every feature/enhancement that gets added to the system will be in the Latest Update Newsletter 


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