How to Do a Stocktake or a Stock Adjustment in Autosoft

The purpose of this document is to learn how to do a stocktake or stock adjustment in your Autosoft system so you have all inventory in order. Hence, when invoices are made out know what you have available on hand to sell.


This Process has been broken up into 2 Sections - Options for Entering your Count, Reporting on Variances & Finalising your Count


1. Options for Entering your Count

A. Stock Take Single Item Entry

- Count If you have a lot of parts, this screen makes it easier to search and enter the value for one part at a time. Once you have entered your Count - you still have to go to Stock Count Input to Finalise the Values. To use this option;

  • Go to Parts – Stock – Stock Take Single Item Entry 


  • Go to Workshop – Stock – Stock Take Single Item Entry for Workshop system 
  • Search and select your Part, if you know the item code you can type it straight in and Tab


  • Press F4 to search and you will get the option to click in the Description or any other column of info and start typing to search.


  • Enter your correct Stock On Hand Quantity in the Count field
  • Make sure the Counted Box is ticked

- This will autotick the Counted Column if you have entered a quantity but if your qty is 0 then you need to tick it manually.

  • Once you have entered all your counts, continue to the next section of this guide to Report and Finalise your Count. 


B. Opticon Scanner

 - This is a mobile scanning device you can purchase from us to use to enter your stock counts - Contact us for a quote on this device and for info on how it works and the user manual see this guide - 


C. Stocktake Count Input


Please Note: If the part doesn't appear in the list, it could be a "Buy-In". You will need to tick "Show Buy-Ins" to resolve this


 - Enter your Count for all Item in a List. Scroll through the list to find and enter the counts. 

  •  Go to PartsStockStocktake Count Input


  • Go to WorkshopStock Stocktake Count Input for Workshop System
  • You will now see that you have all your parts that you stock on hand listed.
  • Click on the Column Headers to sort the list by that header to make it easier to find the Part you need to enter the count for. You can also use the filters at the bottom and it is also a good idea to click the option to Show Buy Ins (as if there are stock levels of these, they should be checked too)


  • Enter your correct Stock On Hand Quantity in the Count column 
  • Make sure the Counted Box is ticked - This will autotick the Counted Column if you have entered a quantity but if your qty is 0 then you need to tick it manually.
  • Continue for all the Parts and you can do this process over any period of time.
         Note: The Values you enter will Save in this screen. Obviously if you are doing a stocktake while you are trading,
        Take note of the parts you have invoiced in during this time OR do not Finalise the invoices as this will change the values. 



2. Reporting on Variances & Finalising your Count

  • Enter your values by any of the options above;  
  • Go to Parts – Stock – Stocktake Count Input  
  • Go to Workshop – Stock – Stocktake Count Input for those with workshop system
  • All the Counts you have entered will show in the list with a tick in the Counted column for all that have been completed.
  • You can still update your Count by entering the qty in the Count column. 
  • Click on Variance Report to give you a report of all the differences in values
  • A pop up message will ask “Does your stock take include reserve stock?”
        Note: A Reserve Stock is the Parts you have on Saved Invoices therefore may have put aside for a particular Job.  
  • Select click Yes or No as applicable
  • Double check the variances and the Values on the Report.


  • If Adjustments need to be made, you can close the report and re-enter the Count. 
  • Once you are sure all the Counts your have entered and the Variances are correct - Click on Final Update
  • Message will appear in front of you “Process stocktake final update?”
         -This is the final stage so make sure you are all done before clicking Yes as incorrect values can only be re-adjusted via another stocktake. we can not undo a stock take for you. 
  • It will ask you if you want to print a variance report – Print it off  if you didn't the first time
  • Again it will ask you about “Does your stocktake count include reserve stock?
  • Click on Yes or No 
  • The system will now put a message up on the screen “Complete. Cost adjustment has been processed to the General Ledger
  • Click OK 

Stock Value Report

Once your stock take is complete, you can run a Stock Value report to check your values and provide to your Accountant. 

 Reports Console – Stock -

  •  Stock Value – this report must be run on the date and time it is needed. i.e Run it at the end of trade on the 30th June

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    Autosoft is a great software for our use to maintain the inventory date and so many people who use this software sometimes face issues related to the stock adjustment as a lot of times people face issues with it on any software they use. This is a great idea to guide the people in this regards by writing superior papers and such articles so that they can use the software easily.
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    AML Equipment Pty Ltd

    Be nice if you had a section that explained how / where general ledger implications go, ie how to we write off to damaged stock GL code or obsolete stock GL Code.

    I presume all adjustments go to Inventory Adjustments and you need to general ledger journal their pathway from there .


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