How to Send Debtor Customer Account Statements by Email, Fax or Print

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to generate your Debtor Account Customers Monthly Statements.

  • Go to Accounts -  Debtors - Output Statements
  • Select the Send As option as applicable to you. 
    • Print = will generate and Print all Statements to your Default Printer
    • Fax + Print = will generate and select the Fax option for Debtors with a Fax number listed (in their Debtor Master File) then print the remaining who do not have a Fax number listed. 
    • Email + Fax + Print = this will generate and select the Email option for Debtors with an email address listed, then Fax for those with a Fax, then Print the remaining with neither listed. 
  • Choose the As at Date for the End Date of your statements.


  •  Select Create List 

This will give you your list of Debtor Account Customer Statements and you can Check and Change the Output Method as you wish or un-check the Debtor in the list if you do not wish to send it.


  • Select Output Statements and this will Output the statements as per your options selected.


NOTE: You must have Fax setup to use the Fax option To use the Email option you must have a Default Mail Server setup on your PC - usually this would be Microsoft Outlook or similar. Check with your IT or google how to set this up. 

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