How to Create a New or make an existing Customer a Debtor Account

The Purpose of this guide is to show you how to create accounts for your customers which you allow to pay for their invoices (or part of their invoices) at a later date. Autosoft does not allow for you to have a balance against a 'Cash' type customer so if a customer is only part paying for an invoice, you must either use the Layby Part invoice - -- OR change your customer over to an Account type Customer.

To create or make an existing customer a Debtor Account;

  • Go to AccountsDebtorDebtor Master File


  • If it is a New Customer - Fill in all the necessary information such as Name, Group, Code, Territory and Contact Details  Addresses tab to enter the Customers Address and any Alternate Addresses


  • Or F4 to search and Select an existing Customer
  • Options tab - Fill in any further info you want to store against the customer  - set the option to make the customer an Account


  • Click in the first field which is the Name field - F2 to Save 
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