How to Use Alternate Address in Autosoft

The purpose of this document is to learn how Alternate Address work with in Autosoft and how they can be applied when doing Parts Invoices.


This is a 2 Part Process which includes adding alternate address to autosoft and adding the alternate address to the part invoice.


1. Adding Alternate Address to Autosoft

  • Go to Accounts DebtorsDebtor Master File


  •  Find the customer you are wanting to add the Alternate Address to by Pressing F4 on the Name field


  • Typing the Name of the Customer on the Name filed and clicking OK
  • Go to Alternate Address tab
  • Enter Name, Address, Address 2, Suburb, State, Post Code & Country
  • Press F2 to the Name Field to save the alternate address to that customer

 2. Adding the Alternate Address to the Parts Invoice

  • Go to Parts Invoicing
  • Press F4 to search Customer in the Name field
  • Enter in the Invoice Type
  • Enter in the Part you want to invoice 
  •  Now that you are done to add the Alternate Address to the invoice you simply go to Delivery tab
  • Click Show Alternate Addresses
  • This will now give you a list of all the Alternate Address for that customer, this was saved in the Debtor Master File 
  •  If you Preview the invoice you will see the address of the customer and under the invoice number you will see the Alternate Address listed as a delivery address 
  • Click  Finalise to finish the invoice for the customer
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