How to Process a Payment That Includes a Settlement Discount

The purpose of this document is to show how you can process a payment for an account customer that includes a discount that was given.


 This is a 2 Part Process which includes looking for the specific debtor and processing the payment


  1. Look for the specific debtor
  •  Go to AccountsDebtorsDebtor Receipts
  • Click F4 to search on the Account Name tab
2. Process the Payment
  •  Enter in the Bank Account, Date Posted, the Amount they have paid you


  • In the Settlement Disc field you need to enter the discount that was provided for example. Invoice for a total of $500.00 but you gave them a discount of $150.00 so the total they need to pay is $350.00. So in the Settlement Disc filed the figure you would need to enter in is $150.00 
  • In the notes you can enter in the invoice and also make a remark about the discount 
  • Now tab through and tick off the invoice that this payment belongs to 
  • Click on Finalise once everything matches and select the payment method of the way the customer paid you


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