How to Create or Edit a Debtor and Check Their Balance

The purpose of this document is to show how to look up a debtor if you need to check their details, update details or check to see what balance they have outstanding.


This is a 2 Part Process which includes looking for a specific debtor and updating their records


1. Look for a Specific Debtor

  • Go to: DebtorsDebtors Master File


  • Click F4 to search


  • Go to Name tab and start typing in the name of the customer you are looking for
  • A window will appear highlighting the specific debtor, then click OK
 2. Update the customer's details as needed
  • To update contact click on the Contact Tab


  • To update the address, work on the Address Tab


  • Save any changes



  • To check balances go to Queries Tab and from the drop down select 1 Debtor History. This will show you what invoices they have outstanding 


  • To view balances, click "Balances" tab. This will show you their current total balance.
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