How to Delete or Make a Debtor Account Inactive

The purpose of this document is to show how to make a Debtor Account Inactive in Autosoft. This can be helpful when you only want to allow active debtors to appear on your debtor master file. Setting a debtor as inactive enables you to retrieve the person's record in the future if needed for your reports and systems records.


This is a 2 part process on how to get rid of your debtor's record on the Debtor Master File. You can either delete it or set it as inactive. 


1. To delete a debtor, you need to:

  • Find the Debtor you are looking for:  

           -Go to Accounts – Debtors – Debtor Master File 

  •  Find the debtor:
           -Press F4 to search in the Name Field 
  • To check if debtor has no transaction at all
            -Go to the Query Tab - Debtor History
            -Press Shift +F2 in the Name Field to delete it.
Warning: We do NOT recommend deleting a Debtor if it has transactions as this will remove data needed in reports and your system records and this action CAN NOT be undone. 
2. Setting debtors as inactive
  •  If the Debtor does have transaction, set - to be make them inactive
             -Go to Option Tab – Tick Inactive
Note: you can only make a debtor inactive if one's balance is $0.00. System will not allow you make the debtor inactive if there is balance owing on the debtor's account. 
  • Once you have the Inactive box ticked against that debtor you now need to:
            Go back to the Name Field and F2 to save.
  • This will now make that debtor inactive and they will no longer appear in your list when you go searching for them. 

How to look for an Inactive accounts/make them active again - see this guide

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