How to Process Leave Without Pay

The Purpose of this guide is to show you how to process leave without pay for an employee.


This guide has to parts:

1) Setting up the Wage Type

2) Processing the payroll 


Setting up the wage type:

  • Go to Payroll>Category set-up> wage type set-up


  • Add Leave with out pay:

           Description: Leave without Pay

           Entitlement Link: <none> 

           Pay Type: Salary 

           Tick Attracts super 


F2 to save 

  • Go to Payroll> Employees


  • Select the Employee you wish to add leave without pay too


  • F2 To Save 


Part 2: Processing the Payroll

  • Go to Payroll> Process payroll
  • Enter in the dates for the payroll you wish to process


Enter in the hours worked in base salary and the hours that are leave with out pay in the wage type leave without pay. 

You should see the Super and PAYG Tax adjust when you enter in there amount.  

  • Process the payroll. 




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