Payroll Setup 4 - Deductions

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to setup the any Deductions your employee chooses to deduct from their pay.

This is Payroll Setup 4 in setting up your Payroll from scratch. For the Overview and links to all the setup Guides 

This step may not be applicable if your employees do not wish to have any deductions. 


  • Go to Payroll Category Setup Deduction Setup


  • Description = Enter a Description for your Deduction -e.g  Social Club (there is already a Social Club preset in the system so you can reuse this or create a new one)
  • GL Account = Select the General Ledger Account you want to track this on e.g 5170 Employee Benefits.



 An additional Deduction you may want to setup is a one off 'Employee Payment for Goods & Services' which you can add to the processing payroll as necessary if you have allow your staff to pay for goods and services this way. 



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