How to Reprint or Re-Email Payslips

The purpose of this guide is to explain the options of how to reprint or re-email payslips or a Summary Report from the Process Payroll Screen or the Reports Console.

You have 2 Options when wanting to reprint your Payslips or Summary Reports;  From The Process Payroll Screen (This will allow you to either Print or email them)  or the Reports Console (will only allow you to Print them).


From The Process Payroll Screen (This will allow you to either Print or email) 

  • Go to PayrollProcess Payroll
  • Click on the Post Date Number ellipsis
  • Search and select the Payroll your wish to Reprint



  • Once selected, at the bottom of the screen – select the option you wish to perform, i.e Print Advise or Print Summary



  • This will then allow you to select your Print Options – select Print or Email as applicable.






Reprinting from Reports Console (Print only no email option)

  •  Go to ReportsReport Console - Payroll - Pay Advice (Or any other Report you wish to run)
  •  You now need to choose Transaction Date of the payroll run you want to re print - Run
  •  You will now see all pay slips appear on your screen, all you need to do is simply click on the print icon in the top left hand corner
  • All pay slips will re print for you. If you are just doing one employee find the pay slip for the that employee and print of that one page
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