How to do Payroll Employee Group Certificates End of Financial Year

The purpose of this document is show a quick and easy way to manage the payroll at end-of-year, and produce a group-certificate for an employee.

NOTE: Only certain logins will have access to access this area. Please contact your manager for the 'Setup-pro' user details to log in under for access. 



At the end of financial year all employees will need a Group Certificate to manage their tax returns. Within Autosoft the process for issuing the group certificates is quick and easy:

1.  Go to Payroll - Payment Summaries Output



2. Select the Start/End date for the covered period, put in a contact name if required, and a folder name for the export to an EMPDUPE File (format used by ATO to lodge electronically)



To simply print out the certificates for each employee, click the Print Payment Summaries button and it will produce a 2-page certificate (which will require a signature) for each employee that has been on a processed payroll for the specified period. 

There is also a video on how to do this available here

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