How to Create and Charge Reconditioned Parts and the Labour to build it

 The purpose of this document is to show how to recondition invoices in Autosoft.


1. Make the part that you will recondition

  •  Go to Stock Master File


  • Create the Item (same details as creating a normal part, This is the details the Recon Part/Engine will be sold as)
  • Go to Stock Options tab
  • Tick Reconditioned
  • F2 to Save


  • Restart Autosoft


2. Check/Set up Job Code for Reconditioning Labour

  • Go to Workshop - Job Codes
  • The may be a default 'Reconditioning' Job Code you can use OR you may want to create a whole new Job Code for Labour for each Recon Type 

 e.g I want to have a Recon Job Code for all Fuel Injector Rebuilds as they will generally include the same amount of labour



and I have added all the Parts to the Kits tab as I will need the same core Parts for this type of Recon





3. Create Booking/RO or Invoice for the work done to build the Reconditioned Part/Engine



  •  Enter the Invoice Header details;
    • Billing Name - Internal Reconditioning (the pricing structure and default sales type are different to a normal debtor)

             Use the pre-set Debtor called; "91 – Internal/ Staff"

    • Reconditioned Item - Go to drop down menu - Product that was created in stock master file & Job Code

             Note: Once Autosoft was restarted the product will appear on the list

    •  Serial #  - Optional. You can enter a Serial Number for the Recon Part/Engine
    •  Type - Booking/ RO (if you are booking in the work) or Invoice (if you have already done the job) 
    •  Advisor - Who it’s for and made by
    • Date posted   - What date



  •   Enter all the Labour and Parts needed for the Recon
    • Job/ Parts tab - Pick up the “Labour” the Job Code you created for this reconditioning part
    •  Qty - important you enter how many you are making- message will pop-you say Yes
    • Workshop Sale Type - Make sure this is set to the type 'Internal Reconditioning'
    • Unit Price  - This should be the COST price of the Parts & Labour 


           Note: Components are added to Job Card and system knows to multiply the Qty’s if your Labour Line Qty is more than 1. 

          Prices for parts are cost price = Average cost in stock master file



  •  This Booking will be in Booking Diary and Job Centre for you to keep track of it as you work on it (like a normal Workshop invoice) 
  • Add the Labour Time to the Recon Inv- Hours tab (As many mechanics you want)
  • Finalise = Internal $$$ Finalise like normal Invoice





4. Add Reconditioned item into stock

  •  Go to Workshop- Add Reconditioned item to stock
  • Repair Order – Find the Recon repair order that was done
  • Number of Units - how many you made
  •  Unit Sell Price = Enter the price you wish to sell the part/engine at. 
  •  Click Process


  • Message pop up click Yes and OK to items added to stock



  • The Recon item will now be available in the  Stock  Master File.


Note: The Qty on hand changes from this being added from “add reconditioning item to stock” screen

  • This can now be sold over like any of your normal parts - you can keep track of it in the Stock Master File and by running the Query 'Reconditioning Stock' to see history





5. Multiple Recon Parts that make Up a whole Kit/Engine

If you have additional Recon components that all add to the one Recon Engine = Follow the same procedure as above and once all Recon Items are in Stock , Setup the Recon Engine as a Job Code Kit. then follow the above process again. 


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