How to Record a Deposit a Customer is Putting Towards a Part

The purpose of this document is to show how to a setup a Part in which you take a deposit for before ordering or fitting the part. This is referred to as a Core Deposit on stock. 

NOTE: There are few different processes you can follow for different scenarios on how you wish to record or take the Deposit amount.


Laybys  -  Allow you to take interim payments on a part and record the takings


General Parts Deposits which will be refunded once the Part is received - This is an easy way to keep track of deposits paid via a 'Deposit' part. See this guide


Core Deposits - This allows you to take a deposit on a specific part. (follow this guide)

  • For CASH customers - This Allow you to record the deposit amount on a Saved invoice and keep the money separate 
  • For ACCOUNT customers - This will also allow you to record the deposit amount and If you then Finalize the invoice, you can then do a Debtor Receipt payment for the deposit amount.


1. Enter the Deposit amount you would like to take on the Part.

  • Go to Parts - Stock - Stock Master File - Search and Select the part you will be recording the deposit on
  • In the Stock tab place a deposit amount in the Deposit Charge



2. Invoicing the Core Deposit for the Part

  • When the item is selected during an invoice creation, the question is asked “charge deposit for this item”.


  • Select Yes.
  • Confirm the Deposit amount you will be charging for the Partcd2.png
  • The total Amount will show as the Deposit + Unit Price so if you only wish to charge the Deposit, change the amount to the Deposit amount



3. Keeping track of what deposits have been paid - In the Stock Master File you have a Query where you can keep track of Deposits paid on parts



4. Credit the deposit once the Part arrives

  • Create the Workshop Credit. When you select the same Customer and Part, you will be prompted on how you want to handle the core deposit 




5. Re-invoice the remaining unit price of the Part amount without deposit - Create your invoice for the customer and select NO to deposit prompt. 



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