Wrong Query When Pressing F4/Ellipsis

The purpose of this article is to resolve an issue where, if you press the F4 button, it comes up with the incorrect list for what you are requesting. For example, you press F4, or the ellipsis to bring up the payment methods, but it comes up with a list of debtor receipts instead.


The reason this occurs is because of the security for the query that it is trying to run. Please follow the steps below:


1. Go to Security - Security Maintenance
2. Go to User, select your user and take note of the group name on the RIGHT hand side
3. Go to the Group tab
4.  Select the Group from step 2
5.  Click on the tab called "Query"
6.  Find the Query you are trying to get access to (in the example above, this would be "Payment Methods) and tick the box
7.  Click the next line to save.

If you don't have access to security Management, you can get access to this by using the SETUP-PRO login.

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