Invoice Notes Come Up Squashed

If you have notes that look squashed, or look like lines on the page, this is because the font is incompatible with your email/PDF software, or your computer.

The only resolution is to change the text to have a different font. To do this, follow the steps below:


- Go to Utilities - System Set-up - Messages

- Choose the message you are trying to change


* Please Note:: this might also occur with Parts notes or RO notes. Therefore, if this is the case, don't follow the steps above, go to the notes tab on the invoice instead.



- Highlight the notes in the message box

- Press the button in the image below. This can be found in the toolbar at the top of the Autosoft program.


- Choose a different font. Times New Roman, Courier or Arial are usually the best.

- Press Ok to save the change 

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