Invalid Value - Body Type

This is a specific resolution for when the message "Invalid Value" comes up and the Table = Vehicles and the Field = Body Type. You know this is the correct guide when, after you close the message, the cursor goes to the Body Type Filed, and there is a number in this box.

The issue here is that the body type code is not being used. This usually happens when an import is done.


To resolve:

1) Take note of the number in the Body Type field on the Workshop invoice

2) Take note of what body type that vehicle should be. You may have to look at your old system

3) Go to Utilities - System Set-up - Code Type Setup - Body Types

4) Go to the body type that the vehicle should be

a) if the body type is not in the list, add it to the list and put the code as the number in step 1

b) If the body type exists, change the code to the number in step 1.

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