SQL Server does not exist or access denied - Potential Resolutions

The purpose of this guide is to document the different resolutions for the "SQL Server does not exist or access denied" error.

1. Open up SQL Configuration Manager and make sure that SQL Browser and SQL Server are both Active. Please note: This error will cause ALL Autosofts to not be able to log in (including the server)

- If one of these is not active, please right click and select "Start". Test Autosoft to see if it logs in.

2. Ensure the name of the SERVER and the database have not been changed

- If the server name has been changed, then DBNAMES needs to be updated with the new server name

- Log into SQL Manager and check the database name hasn't been changed

The following are resolutions if the server is connecting, but the Clients are not connecting

3. Open up SQL Configuration Manager and make sure that Named Pipes and TCP/IP is enabled

4. Drop the firewall on the SERVER and see if Autosoft connects

To resolve: The firewall cannot stay down, so start the firewall again, and do the following:

- Put exceptions into the firewall for the programs "Autosoft5.exe" and "sqlservr.exe"

- Open up the following ports:

    • Inbound: 1432-1434 UDP and TCP
    • Outbound: 1432 - 1434 UDP and TCP

If the firewall is down on all PC's and this doesn't resolve the issue:

5. Search for "ODBC" and run the program. In the "User DSN" and and "System DSN", setup Autosoft to connect manually.

In both tabs do the following:

- Click "Add"

- Choose "SQL Server". Click Finish

- Call it Autosoft

- Choose the SQL server (Server Name\ Instance name)

- Click next

- Click "With SQL Authenication"

- Type in autosoft and autosoft as the username and password

- Click Next

If it fails here, then go to the next option. If it doesn't fail, continue clicking next, then click finish to complete. Test connection with Autosoft.

6. Create or edit a Windows host file on the machine where the console is installed.  Add the IP address of the machine where core services is installed.  The machine will need to be rebooted for this to take effect. (

- This file is found in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder. If you can't access the Windows folder, you will need to enable "Show Hidden folders"

- Open the file called "Host File"

- Put the IP address of the server at the bottom of the text in this file and press "save". If you are at this stage, you will probably find this information in here already but with an incorrect IP address. If this is the case, update, then save.

- Reboot the Client computer.


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