How to Solve Issues on Pricing Structure Not Working Correctly

The purpose of this article is to solve issues on incorrect pickup of price structure. 


You may notice that your price retail with a markup on cost is not working correctly. Sometimes, it may not be marking up from the current cost at all. This and other pricing structure issues will be answered on the guide below:


  • Go to parts - Stock - Pricing - Customer Pricing Structure


  • Check if the price matrix was correctly set up.


The example above shows that Price Group - Battery has no mark up at all. This means the set up was not saved

  • Set up your price matrix again and this time, make sure it has been saved


Refer to this link for your guide on setting up Customer Pricing Structure:

  • This will now show the correct pricing


Note: When Price Matrix was set in Customer Pricing Structure as "zero", it takes the price from the list price. 








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