User Count Exceeded For This License

The purpose of this article is to lay down the 3 alternative ways to resolve this issue when the message comes up. Essentially you are being advised that all the licenses you are registered for have been used.


A Note before we continue: A license is used by every instance of an Autosoft program. This includes Autosoft, Payroll, Backup, the Price Update programs, the import program, SiteUpdater etc.

1. If you have used all your licenses:

If you are registered for 3 licenses, and Autosoft is open 3 times, you will either need to close one of these Autosoft windows to free up a license, or contact your Account Manager on 0299796090 to get another license.


2. Not all licenses have been used:

- There are 2 options to resolve this:

a) Reboot the server: This is a quick and easy option, and is the best option. Please note: you will need to shut out of Autosoft on all PCs if you choose this option.

Some people cannot shut down their PC's, or the server either due to the time it takes to reboot the server, or the fact that other services run on the server required by the staff. If this is the case, then option B is the best option for you.


b) Manually shut the licenses off:

i) Open up Task Manager by right clicking the task bar at the bottom of your Windows Desktop, or by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL

ii) Go to the Processes tab

iii) Make sure that "Show Processes From All Users" is ticked. This might be a button instead. Please click this button to get the same result.

iv) Sort the processes by "Image Name" by clicking on "Image Name".

v) Highlight Autosoft.exe and Backup.exe, on any version that is not linked to a computer login, or is a double up. This also extends to the other programs mentioned above in the 2nd paragraph (Payroll, Price Updates etc). The best way to tell if they are not being used is by looking at the Username column. If this user is currently logged in and using the system, then that is fine. If this user has this 2 or more times, shut down the other licenses.

vi) Press "End Process" to close the program.

The license should now be free to use again.



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