GL record for asset sublet not found or not active

The purpose of this article is to resolve any issue where this message comes up.


There are 2 reasons why this message comes up:

  1. The sublet attached to Asset Sublet is inactive
  2. Asset Sublet has no account attached.



  • Firstly, go to General Ledger - Maintenance - GL Control Account and check if 27 Asset Sublet exists
  • If it exists, follow the steps in part 1
  • If it doesn't, follow part 2
  1. Sublet is inactive
  • Take note of the account number in the first column of the GL Control Accounts for 27 Asset Sublet
  • Go to General Ledger - General Ledger Accounts
  • Select the account from step 1.
  • See if the inactive box is ticked. If ticked, untick it and press F2 to save


2. Asset Sublet doesn't exist

  • Select Allow Changes
  • Choose the account you want to use. By default this is 1380
  • Select 27 Asset Sublet from the list in the 3rd column
  • Click on the line below to save
  • Click OK. 


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