Printing Cash Dockets on the STAR Thermal Docket Printer

The purpose of this article is to show you where you need to look to ensure that the printer is set up correctly and will print the correct report/docket.


1. Set up the system to go to the cash docket for all cash customers

a) Go to Utilities - System Setup - System File

b) go to the tab "Parts" - "Parts Options 2"

c) Select Cash Docket in the area called "Cash Print Option"

2. Makes sure the customer is a "cash" debtor

a) Go to Accounts - Debtor - Debtor Master File

b) Go to Options

c) Make sure that "cash or account" is set to "cash"

3. Make sure they are NOT "full invoice" in the debtor Master file

a) in the debtor master file - Options tab, make sure that "cash print option" is NOT "Full Invoice"

4. Set up the printer

a) Follow the guide below:



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