Change the Printer Used By A Report/Invoice/Receipt

The purpose of this article is to show how to set a specific default printer for a specific report, invoice or receipt.


a) Access the Report Console and select the report/invoice/receipt

1) Go to Reports - Report Console

2) Select the report, invoice or receipt that you want to change these printing settings in. 

- If it is a report: select the section that the report is in, then highlight the report

- If it is an invoice or receipt, go to the section called "setup" - then select the receipt/invoice

b) Change the printer settings

1) Once the report/Invoice/receipt is highlighted, click "printer Settings"

2) Look for the button that says "Printer". If there is no button, press ALT + P

3) Choose the printer

4) Click Ok

c) Change the number of pages to print

1) Once the report/Invoice/receipt is highlighted, click "Options"

2) Choose the number of copies you want

3) Click OK



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