How to Solve "Activex has not been properly installed" error Upon Autosoft Startup

The purpose of this document is to show how to address the "Activex has not been properly installed" error window upon the Autosoft startup.


Follow the guideline below to solve this problem:

1. Transfer the program RegDllView to the customer's computer

2. Run RegDllView by Right clicking and selecting Run As Administrator

3. Open Autosoft5\ActiveX and compare the list in RegDllView with the list in the folder (sort by filename). If there is a file missing, then register the file by going to File - "Register File" and selecting the ActiveX controller from Autosoft\ActiveX that is missing

4. Load up Autosoft

5. If the error still comes up, go to Utilities - System Set-up - System File, then click "Register ActiveX".


Please note: If this is a client computer, you need to use the UNC address as the connection to the ActiveX controllers.


You can also do this by opening up the Command Prompt in Administrator mode and running "regsvr32 <address of the file>" (without the quotes)


**This all has to be done in Administrator***




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