Update New Release Newsletter October 27th 2014

The purpose of this NEWSLETTER is to show the new features and update in the latest release.

Bug Fixs:

  • Balance section of the debtor master file including saved, unprocessed receipts. This is now resolved
  • Fixed issue with MBR_Number causing the statement to go blank
  • SalesReport.rpt: Updated to allow for the inclusion of discounts in the Ex GST column.
  • WorkshopQuote.rpt: Freight wasn't coming up as it now uses 


  •  Added branch search to report
  • Detailed Vehicle History Report: Added to Autosoft


  • : Added mobile number
  • StocktakeVariance.rpt: Added Location to stocktake variance report.

Vehicle History

  • Changed the way that the Next service works. It will now use the vehicle history date function, rather than the next service date on the vehicle master file

Mechanic hours

  • fn_MechanicCharged: Percentage changed to 8 decimal places to make the Mechanic Hours / Charged report more accurate.
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