Autosoft System Setup Check

The purpose of this guide is to explain the Autsoft System Installation and how you can check it yourself and make any changes necessary to make sure you are ready to use it as of your 'Go - Live' date. This guide can also be used for existing customers wanting to check/edit or set up all of the main features in Autosoft. 

Your Autosoft system is Live and ready to go!

 The main things to note are;

1. The login now gives you the option of 2 databases Autosoft5 or Training5 so PICK WISELY as the AUTOSOFT5 is your ACTUAL LIVE database.

2.  Any new data entered in your old system between today and the day you have chosen to completely go live will not be transferred so take note of it to enter it in Autosoft if necessary.

3. All your Creditors/Debtor an GL accounts will not have a balance in Autosoft so you will need to enter them in the initial Entry program. The guide on how to do this is here;

 4. Here is all the data we checked and how we checked it but we are only human so if you could PLEASE check it also and let us know if you have any queries at all;


How to Check in Autosoft and how to update if you wish;

Company Details

Utilities>System Setup > Branch Maintenance

Change Company Details
Add your Company Logo

System Messages on statements etc

Utilities>System Setup>Messages

Setup Invoice/Statment/Job Card Messages

Contact Details

Accounts> Debtor > Debtor Master file &/ Report Debtor/Creditor Listing

Additional Guides: 

Create a New Debtor Customer Account

Delete or make a Debtor Account Inactive 

Contact Details
Number of Records

Accounts> Creditors > Creditor Master File

Additional Guides:

Create a New Supplier Creditor

Delete or make a Creditor Inactive

 -Stock On Hand

Parts>Stock>Stock Master File>F4 to search

To enter you Parts in from Scratch on a blank database - Follow this guide;

If your parts were imported- we recommend you do a Stocktake

Create Parts

Create Part Categories & Groups

Job Codes

Workshop>Job Codes> F4 to Search 

Create Labour Service Job Codes

Pricing Structures

Workshop > Workshop Sale Types

Add/edit Default Labour Pricing

Price Groups

General Ledger Accounts

General Ledger > GL Master File 
&/Or Report GL chart of accounts 

Create/Edit Gls

Additional Options you may want to Setup

Capricorn - If you are a Capricorn  Member or Supplier, you will have to set this up.

SMS/FAX - To use the SMS and Fax features in Autosoft, you must first contact SMS Global to set this up for you.

To use these features;

 Email - To use email functions, you must link Autosoft to your Outlook email account. Autosoft will not configure the link to Outlook-this must be done by your IT Consultant. To use these features:


5. We also hope to have helped prepare you for your everyday use of the functions in Autosoft. It is not a hard system to learn with practice and through any process of change your will experience learning curves so be patient with yourself and your staff, encourage all involved to practice all the basics and use the training resources available to you. For A guide on our recommendations on what you should practice before going live -

PLEASE contact us if you have any queries at all and to book your recommended End of Month Training session.


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