Getting Started with Autosoft, your Learning Resources and What you should practice before going Live With Autosoft

The purpose of this guide is to help you and your staff get ready for using the Autosoft system and our recommendations on what you should practice to optimise the use of the system from your first day onwards and to minimise the stress of learning a new process.


Welcome to Autosoft! In your package you have access to the following Learning Resources which you can start using straight away!

1. To Log in to Autosoft on your PC where Autosoft was installed - Find the following icons


 Double Click on the Autosoft5 icon and you will get a pop up

Inline image 1

Your LOGIN is;

Username: MANAGER

Password: MANAGER

Database: Training5

Once you have logged in, you now have access to start Practicing in the Autosoft System


 Practice using Autosoft in your Training database and this will not affect your actual data.



3. Client Portal for all your system updates and Online Training videos


LOGIN = Username: Your Business Name
              Password: Your Autosoft Account Code 
NOTE: You can find out what your code is by calling us or find it on an invoice we have sent you Customer_Account_Code.png


4. For all FAQs, Guides and Articles 


5. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE - Use this list as a guide but remember your business may have different functions so make sure you add any necessary additions. 


  • Making a Booking
  • Print a Job Card
  • Customer Invoicing
    • Adding Labor
    • Adding Parts
    • Taking Payment 
  • Order and Receive Parts
    • Doing a Stock Order
    • Receiving a Stock order (Creditor Invoice)
  • Processing Funds
    • Till Reconciliation
    • Undeposited Funds
  • Account Customers
    • Creating Account Customers
    • Receiving a payment from an account customers

The Getting Started Guide which explains how to do the above is here



 For a guide on the System Setup and other Configuration Options you might want to start on - see this guide

 PLEASE contact us if you have any queries at all and to book a Training session.

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