Dismantling Guide

The Purpose of this Guide is to show you how to Setup and Use the Dismantling Module. NOTE: This is an additional feature available for purchase.

This guide is broken up into parts:

1. Setting up Parts for Dismantle

2. Creating Vehicle templates

3. Acquiring the vehicle and its parts 

4. Invoicing out the parts  

5. Reporting


1. Setting up Parts for Dismantle

  • Go to Stock > Stock master file
  • Create all parts that you will be dismantling separately > Stock option> Tick Dismantling (second hand) 



2. Creating Vehicle templates

  • Go to Dismantling tab> Dismantling setup (Template)



  • Select an existing Template or create your own. You want your template to be descriptive of the type of vehicle you are Dismantling.
  • Add all the parts that will be dismantled with this type of  vehicle



  • Print a report for each template to use as dismantling check list



  • F2 to save




3. Acquiring the vehicle and its parts 

  • Go to Dismantling> Purchase vehicle (add to stock) 



  • Select the Template
  • Add the description of the vehicle you have purchased
  • Amount of the purchase
  • Go to the Acquisitions details tab
  • Fill in the vehicle details and choose option as applicable dismantling or form2b


  • Go to item details tab
  • Select which parts were salvageable 
  • Edit cost manually or use the re-calculate button


  • When all costs and items are correctly priced and selected > Process NOTE: This can not be undone so double check before processing, 


4. Invoicing out the parts  

  • Invoice out parts as normal on any invoice type (Parts invoice, Workshop Invoice, Labour invoice) 
  • When a dismantled part is selected you will be prompted to select which vehicle the dismantled part was from. 


5. Reporting

  • In the Reports console you will have dismantling reports to use as applicable. Eg. Form2b for your Police Book infomation


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