How to Use Autosoft Shortcut Keyboard Functions

The purpose of this guide is to explain some of the Keyboard Shortcuts available while you are in various Autosoft screens.





Shortcuts to Open Screens:
Ctrl + 1 = Debtor Master File
Ctrl + 2 = Debtor Receipts
Ctrl + 3 = Creditor Master File
Ctrl + 4 = Creditor Invoice
Ctrl + 5 = Creditor Payments
Ctrl + 7 = Stock Master File
Ctrl + 8 = Price Enquiry
Ctrl + 9 = Workshop Invoice/Job Card
Ctrl + I (Letter I) = Parts Invoice

Moving through screen fields:
Tab - Go To Next Field
Shift + Tab - Go To Previous Field
Enter - Can be used instead of mouse clicking OK

On screen Keyboard navigation:
Where a letter or number is underlined, fore example - Autosoft
Hold the ALT key + the Underlined letter. 'ALT + A'

Within Selected Screen Tools

F1 = Help 
F2 = Save 
Shift + F2 = Delete 
F3 = Close Current Screen 
F4 = Available Selections 
F5 = Clear Screen (Can also be used to clear a row in a grid)
F7 = Move back one record 
F8 = Move forward one record 
F9 = Find Closest record


Ctrl + D =  Where ever there is a Date field to select a Calandar / Date picker
Ctrl + L = Calculator

Alt + D = When in a Parts or Workshop Invoice - on a selected Item and wish to Discount a percentage amount 

Alt+ tender Number = when you are in the POS Payment Screen and wish to auto-fill the amount in a particular tender

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