How to Use Opticon Stocktake Scanner

The purpose of this guide to explain the use of the Opticon Stocktake Scanner which is an optional extra Devise you can purchase through Autosoft in order to do Stocktakes.


This is a three step process which include logging into Autosoft Scanner Application, scanner interface configuration as well as creating a lookup file and uploading to Opticon Scanner Device.


 Log into Autosoft Stock Scanner Application

  • Click short cut icon on the desktop


  •  Log in using your Autosoft credentials



Scanner Interface Configuration

  •  From Autosoft  Task Bar select the option 'Stocktake Input'
  •  Select 'Prepare Stock Scanner'


Note: If you do not see the Stock Scanner Import option in your task menu, please ensure that your user rights have set properly by your management. See Security Maintenance in Autosoft to access your user rights.


 - Set 'Transfer Target Path' to c:\temp
 - Set 'Scan file name' to stktake.txt
 - Set "Path to Lookup File' to c:\temp
 - Set 'Lookup file name' to lookup.txt

Note: To verify the COM port number use by the OPL9728 Scanner, please click on Start and then Run. Type the following command in the Open: text box, and then hit the Enter key or click on the OK button.


Device Manager should display right away.


  • Expand the 'Ports (COM & LPT)' option
  • Check COM number assigned to the Opticon OPL/CRD USB Serial Port (COM3) in our example

Create Lookup File and Upload to Opticon Scanner Device

  • After completing the 'Scanner Interface Configuration flag the 'Stock On Hand not Zero' and Click on 'Show Lookup'


  • Autosoft Scanner will now display your items list that will be transferred to the Opticon Scanner handheld.

            Note: You can use both options, Stock On hand not Zero and Months Since Product purchased less than to filter the items list that you want to transfer to the scanner. Click on Show Lookup to refresh the list.

  •  Ensure that the Opticon Scanner Cradle is plugged properly into your machine. Take the Scanner out of the cradle and complete the following steps:
  •  Select the Option 3 Utilities by either using the arrow down and press blue square button to confirm or press 3 on the key pad.
  •  Select option 1 Rcv lookup


  •  Put the Opticon Scanner back in the cradle when displaying 'Receive lookup'
  •  From Autosoft Scanner Interface Configuration select 'Create Lookup and Upload'


Note: Do not un-cradle the scanner device before the process is completed. This process should not take more than a couple of seconds.

  •  The Opticon Scanner will display the Rcv lookup menu when completed
  •  You can now close the Net032 screen by clicking on the top right corner red cross
  •  The following message will appear in Autosoft Scanner when Net032 is closed


  •  Click on OK to close the message and click on OK to close the Autosoft Scanner Interface Configuration
  • The Opticon Scanner Handheld is now ready to be used.
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