How to Create and Build a Part Kit

The purpose of this document is to show how to create kits which are a group of items sold together as one. 

There are 2 types of Kits in Autosoft as they function differently. 

Job Code Kits - This type of kit can only be used on Workshop Invoices/ROs and do not take off the stock quantity until the kit is invoiced out. For the Guide on this type of kit click here;

Part Kits - This type of kit can be added to a Parts or Workshop Invoices/ROs and will take the stock quantity of the included parts off as soon as the kit is built.  This guide shows you how to setup this type of kit;

1. Go to Parts - Stock - Stock Master File
2. Enter the Details of your Kit;

  • Item Code - Enter in a Code which you can easily remember which you can search and add to the customers invoice. 
  • Description - Enter in a Description for the Kit
  • Category - Select from your existing Categories or select F8 **NOT DEFINED**
  • Group- Select from your existing Groups or select F8 **NOT DEFINED**
  • Price Group - Select from your existing Price Groups or select F8 **NOT DEFINED**
  • Supplier - Select from your existing Suppliers or select F8 **NOT DEFINED**



3.  Enter the Current Cost of the Kit = this is the sum of all the costs of the parts included



4. Go to the Pricing Tab and Enter the Customer Price of the Kit as a whole 



5. Go to the Kits Tab - Search and select the Parts that are included in the kit and their qtys



6. Click Kit Build


7. Tick to Select all the Parts included - then click the Arrow across



8. Enter in the Qty of kits you want to build - Process.


This will have deducted the unit qtys from the selected parts and the sales will now be recorded for the kit. 

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