How to use the Stock Maintenance Program to Update Sell Price, Cost Price and Min Max levels

The purpose of this guide is to show you how you can use the Stock Maintenance Program which allows you to edit the Sell, Last Current Cost Pricing as well as Min and Max levels in a list. 

NOTE: To have access to this area - you must have the Parts Module and be logged in as a 'SETUP-PRO' security access user. Contact your company's manager or Autosoft for more information. 

For example Current Cost &/or the Sell Price Stock_Maintenance_Program.png

  • TAB to save
  • Use the filters at the bottom of the screen to restrict or extend the list shown in your screen.

NOTE: Although the On Hand field is available, you can not update it here as it also effects your GLs - to update the On Hand Stock Levels - follow this guide

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