How to Supersede a Part which has been replaced by another Part

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to supersede one Part with another. This would be used in the instance where a Supplier has replaced a Part with another Part.

This is a 2 Part Process - First create the New Part then Supersede the Old Part.

Part 1 – Create the New Part

Enter the New Part in the System as applicable


Part 2 – Supersede the Old Part

  • Go to Parts – Stock – Stock Master File
  • Search and Select  the part which has been superseded (and is no longer available)
  • Under Supersedes- select Create



  • Search and Select the Part which is Superseding it (the new part which is replacing the old one)
  • Select OK
  • F2 to Save

This will then give you a message when you try to select the old part during invoicing. For example my OP1 has been superseded by NP1 


If I select OP1 on an invoice I get the following message;



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