How to Use Stock Cross Referencing for additional supplier or other codes and barcodes

The purpose of this document is to learn how you can use Cross Referencing in your Stock Master File. You will see in the below process how you can add Alternate Codes, Barcodes, Supplier Items and Supplier Prices.


  • Go toParts - Stock - Stock Master File


  • If you have workshop system got toWorkshop - Stock - Stock Master File 


  • Bring up a part by going to Item Code and F4 to search.
  • Go to Cross References  - Alternates
  • Add
    • Item Code
    • Brand
    • Note
  • In the Barcodes tab you can enter in the barcode as well as any Notes about it 
  •  If you click on the Suppliers Items, this will allow you to add the Supplier Item Code and allocate a Supplier from your list of creditors 
  • Go to Supplier Prices
      Note: This area will allow you to add in any other supplier you use to order the product from and enter in the price and also the Qty. (This is not linked to anything in the system its only there for you to refer to if you         can’t get stock from your preferred supplier).
  •  Go back to the Item Code and F2 to save 
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