How to create a layby parts invoice and perform payments to an existing layby.

The purpose of this document is to explain how to perform the layby function in Autosoft. A layby can be created for an ACCOUNT or CASH debtor customer and an invoice can be printed for each payment made to the layby invoice. 

NOTE: There a few different processes you can follow for different scenarios on how you wish to record or take the Deposit amount.

Laybys - Allow you to take interim payments on a part and record the takings (follow this guide)

Core Deposits 

This document is divided into 2 steps that is  creating the invoice as a layby in Autosoft and making part or the remaining total payment on the layby invoice. 


Step 1: Creating the Invoice as a Layby in Autosoft

  • Click on Parts - Invoicing - Invoicing
  • On the type field, Please make sure that Lay-By has been selected


  • . Add the details of the invoice and add parts (when adding the parts, enter the Amount as the total Retail price you are charging the customer). 
  • Click on the Finalise button, 
  • Enter the amount they will be paying today (i.e the deposit amount)




Step 2. Making part or the remaining total payment on the layby invoice


  • Go to Parts - Invoicing - Invoicing
  • Search and select the customer you created the for
  • Click on Recall Invoice


  •  Select the Layby invoice for the customer
  •  When you click on finalize again, you can enter the new amount you wish to pay off




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