How to Change a Parts Invoice From a Quote to an Invoice

The purpose of this document is to learn how you can create a quote in your system for a parts invoice and then change to an invoice once the customer has accepted it.


  • Go to PartsParts Invoice
  • Select the customer you are making the quote for
  • In the Account Name find the customer and then click OK 
  • Go through and once you have gotten to Invoice Type, change this to Quote
  • Add in the Sales Person
  • Add the Date 
  • Now go through and in the Items tab put your Parts in.
  • Go to Item Code and find the Parts from the select list
  • Enter in the Qty and the Price
  • Click Preview and you can either email or fax or print the quote off
  • Click on Save Invoice. This will save the quote in the system for you
  • Once the customer has accepted the Quote you can now turn it into an invoice
  • Recall the Quote by going to PartsParts Invoice
  • Click on Recall Invoice
  • Find the quote by either the Customer Name or by Saved Invoice 
  • Now that you have it in front  of you just go the Invoice Type and change it to Invoice and tab through 
  • Click on Finalise. The invoice will be processed in the system for you. 
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