Autosoft Running Very Slow

The purpose of this document is to shed some light on the issue of Autosoft running very slow. You may wonder why everything seem to run fast on your PC except Autosoft program. Hence, this article will expound why this happens at times. 


There can be a lot of factors which slows down your Autosoft system and among these are as follows:


1. Presence of a malware

-To solve this, run an anti-virus to solve the issue.


2. Firewall or Anti-virus is blocking Autosoft's connection

-Unblock Autosoft program on these software


3. Windows update has chewed up your resources on the PC

-Ask your IT personnel to look into this matter. This is outside the realms of our support.


4. Check your computer's RAM if it is full

Note:  A lot of windows open on the PC uses up memory and can slow the Autosoft system down. Free some space if needed.






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