Autosoft Systems Setup and Go Live Guides Overview

These are some of the guides to help you in the process from first getting Autosoft to going live with it. 

NOTE: These is just a general overview and your business needs may differ from others so we recommend frequent contact with your Trainer throught the process to make sure you are on the right track. Call 02 9979 6090 for further information.

Pre Go Live Guides - Helpful for all modules and types of businesses; 

Pre go Live means you have not yet started using Autosoft completely for finalising Transactions. We recommend you do all your training at least 1 month before you plan to "Go Live". This amount of time gives you time to learn and get your system ready for when you do go live. It is also wise to make the changeover of systems at the end of a finalial month/start of a new month. E.g Finish all transactions up to the 31st in your old system, then as of the 1st all transactions are done in Autosoft. 

  • Starting up Autosoft and your Learning Resources. This explains how to login to Autosoft and  summary of all the learning resource options and how to access them.
  • Autosoft System Setup and Options. This explains options we will have setup for you in your customisation, how to edit them yourself and a few other options you may want to setup including SMS Features.


Pre and During Go Live - Pick Guides as Applicable to your type of business;

These are the guides that will help you Prepare your system for going live and most of the setup can be done while you are Live. 

  • Getting Started Guide - Workshop Manual. This is for businesses which have bought the Workshop &/or Parts module of Autosoft and run a mechanical workshop business.
  • Getting Started Guide - Parts Manual. This is for businesses which have bought Parts module only of Autosoft and run a Parts reselling business.
  • Payroll Setup and Processing Guides
  • Dealership Setup and Processing Guides


Once you are Live - All Modules all Businesses

Going Live means you have prepared your system, have completed your transactions/financials in your previous system and are now using Autsoft for all Bookings, Invoicing, Banking etc. 

  • GL Accounts Alignment and Tasks Checklist -  Check all you have done all tasks before your first BAS can be lodged





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