How to Enable and use Barcodes to Scan Parts onto Invoices

The purpose of this document is to gain understanding of how to associate a barcode to an item. Adding Barcodes to parts can make searching an item more efficient and the barcode of a part can be scanned to add the part to a customer invoice, creditor invoice and/or stocktake. 

Set up System file to enable barcode use (if this has not already been setup for you)

Note: you will have to login as 'SETUP-PRO' user to have access to this area

  •  Go to the Utilities menu  / System Set-up / System File
  • Parts Tab
  • Tick option 'Using barcodes?'
  • Save


  • Exit out of Autosoft


When a Part has a Barcode you can add the Barcode to the Parts in 2 ways;

1. Add the barcode to Part in the Stock Master File

Note: you will have to login as your normal user to have access to this area

  • Go to the Parts menu / Stock / Stock Master File
  • Search & Select an item to associate to a barcode 
  • Go to BARCODE tab
  • Scan or type bar code
  • Note (Description of item)
  • Type must = Barcode
  • TAB to next line and repeat



2. Adding the Barcode to the Part from within the Customer Invoice
  •  Go to the Parts menu / Invoice / Invoicing select customer and tab through required fields and input data to the required fields
  • In ITEM scan the barcode
  • Say YES ”to add this barcode to next item selected” 
  • Search and Select item to associate to bar code

When a Barcode has been added to a Part

You can now scan the barcode in ANY invoice screen to add it to the invoice. 

i.e. Parts Invoices, Workshop Invoices &/or Creditor Invoice
For example;
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