How to set up Messages for Printouts of Invoices/ Statements/ Remittance

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to Update/edit or add Message Text to the bottom of your RO, Invoices, Quotes so they will print out on the bottom of the applicable printout.

NOTE: Company Details display at the TOP of your printouts and is limited to the fields available. Messages print out at the bottom and you are able to put up to a paragraph of text. For how to setup you company details see guide

1.  Go to Utilities System Set-up - Messages



2.  In the “Number” field click the ellipsis button to select which you would like to add/edit the message for - Click OK.


3.  Select Default for Type from the selection listed.


4.  Edit/Add your text in the Message box.  


5. Go back to the First Number Field and Press F2 to save 

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