How to add your Company Logo to your Invoices

The purpose of this document is to learn how you can add a logo to your Autosoft system so they appear on your invoices. The process is simple and easy to do. 

This guide has been broken up into 3 Parts - Saving the Logo on the Autosoft Server PC, Adding your Logo to Autosoft and Logo Options



Part 1 - Saving the Logo on the Autosoft Server PC

  • A usable logo must be in a jpg format. We recommend you get a designer to make you an appropriate image and give it to you in a few different sizes so you can choose which one fits best.
  • Save your jpg image file to Autosoft 5 folder on your Main Autosoft 'Server' PC. This is normally found in on the C:drive  Autosoft5  - Bitmaps  
Part 2 - Adding your logo to Autosoft
Now that you have the logo image saved in the Bitmaps folder we can now add it to your Autosoft.
  • Go to UtilitiesSystem Set UpBranch Details 
In the Logo field you need to either F4 to search or click on the ellipsisadded.png
  •  This should open to the Bitmaps Folder 
  • Search and Select your logo file
  • Click on “Update Company Name” and click YES
  • Go back to the first Desc field - F2 save 
Part 3  - Logo Options
There are a few Options on how you would like your Logo to appear on the top of your different Invoices. To select a different Option for Workshop Invoices.
  • Go to Utilities -  System SetupSystem File 
Workshop Invoice Printing Options
    • Workshop tab - Invoice Printing Options
    • Report Header Area: - select option as applicable
Parts Invoice Printing Options
    • Parts tab - Invoice Printing Options
    • Report Header Area: - select option as applicable
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    Odin Auto Parts

    What do I do if I have followed these steps and the logo is still blurred or squeezed in to position?


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