How to set up your Printing Options in Autosoft

 The purpose of this document is to learn how you can set up your printing options so that your invoices and job cards are printing out of the correct printer. Please see below for the easy and simple process of how this is done in Autosoft.

  • Go to Reports – Report Console
  • Click to the + to expand options under Setup
  • Select the applicable Transaction Type you which to setup your options for eg. If you are setting up your Workshop Invoices you need to click on Workshop Invoice Print
To Change the Number of Copies to Print
    • Click on the Options button to set how many copies you want to print
    • Click OK to save
To Change the Printer, Tray or Paper Type
    • Click on the button Printer Setup
    • To Select or change printer all you need to do is press Atl P on your keyboard and this will allow you change the printer by selecting from the drop down of your current printers that are available once you are done just click OK  
  • Restart Autosoft to apply these changes
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