How do I get a Temporary Key

The purpose of this  is to explain the temporary key. This process is redundant after you update to the latest version of Autosoft to Update your Autosoft see this guide

Temporary Key – Why does it come up and how do I get a new key?

  •  You will receive this message every 90 days if you have purchased Autosoft on EzyPay.
  • A full unrestricted key will be provided once the EzyPay installments have completed.
  • When you receive this message, click on the "Enter Key" button.
  • Email or create a support ticket and provide the Hardware Fingerprint (8 digit code) that is displayed on the screen.
  • You will then receive a Name and Key via email that you need to type into the registration box that will allow you to access Autosoft.
  • Make sure you enter the Name and Key
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