How to Search Vehicles History, Notes and Due Dates

The purpose of this guide is to show you how you can view the Vehicle History of a selected customer and their Follow Up Notes that have been recorded against the Customer. 


Where ever you see the History button- this will take you straight to the Vehicle History section where you can see the Invoice History of a Vehicle. 



You can search for directly for Vehicle History and other information by;

  • Go to Workshop - Vehicle Master File


  • Search and select the Vehicle you want to view by Clicking on the Ellipsis button or F4 to search in the Rego or Name Field.
  • To View Specific info;
    • Go to the Query tab
    • You have a Drop down of various search queries available - for example 'Due Dates'


    • To View History; Click on the History button to give you the Vehicle History pop up screen 



 To View the History of a Vehicle and any Follow Up Notes that have been recorded against a customer;

  • Go to Workshop - Invoice/RO - Invoice/RO (Vehicle)
  • Search and Select your Customer and once the Rego/Customer is selected;
    • If their were Follow Up Notes recorded against the Customer; 'Follow Up Notes' will appear just under the Customers Rego


  • Go to the Vehicle tab – Follow Up tab
  • The Follow Up notes you placed on a previous invoice will appear for you in the Next Follow Up box
  • It’s up to you if you want to copy and paste these follow up notes on the current invoice you are doing. 

NOTE: For info on how to record Job Card/Invoice Notes  - see this guide

    • If you want to view the history of work and invoices done for the vehicle  - click on the History Button 



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