How to Import Autosoft Debtor and Creditor Contact Details to Oulook

The purpose of this document is to show how to extract debtor and creditor contact details so you can import them to Outlook.


This document is divided into 2 parts; extracting the spreadsheet from Autosoft and importing it to oulook


Extracting Contact Details


  • To extract your clients' contact details, go to Account - Debtor - Debtor Master File


  • On Queries tab, choose "Debtor Contact List" and the contact details will populate for you
  • Click the save icon and save the file as csv format



  • To save creditor contacts, go to Account - Creditor - Creditor Master File
  • Go to Queries tab and save creditor contact details as you did above



Importing file to Outlook


  • Right-click the Contacts folder, click New Folder, type a name for the new folder, and then click OK.

ze.png zf.png   


  • Click the File tab in the Ribbon, and then click Open on the menu.


  • Click on Import tab. The Import and Export Wizard opens.




  • If the file that is displayed is not the correct file, click Browse , browse for the correct file and then double-click  to select it.



  • If you are importing into a new folder, the Options settings are irrelevant because there are no duplicates.
  • If you are not importing to a new folder, choose the most logical selection. Click Allow duplicates if you are not sure, and then clickNext .
  •  Click the Contacts folder or another contacts-type folder that you have created, and then click Next.


  • If you are not sure that the column names in the first row of the spreadsheet will map correctly to the Outlook fields, clickMap custom fields to verify them.





  • Click OK when done and click Finish




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