How to send out a Rego Due reminder

The purpose of this guide is to show you how you can track your customers rego due date so you can send out rego service reminders to them.

NOTE: Make sure you have all you SMS, Email and Fax options setup to be able to use these forms of communication


This guide consists of 2 parts  - Recording/maintaining your customers Vehicle Rego Due Date and Sending out the Rego Due reminder


1. Recording/maintaining your customers Vehicle Rego Due Date

  • Go to Workshop - Vehicles - Vehicle Master File
  • Search and select your customers vehicle 
  • Enter/Edit the Rego Due Date. This is a static field that does not update automatically, therefore when the customer gets their rego renewed, enter the new date. 



2. Sending out the Rego Due reminder

  • Go to Communications - Communications Centre
  • Workshop - Vehicle Registration Due
  • Select the Date Range in which any rego is due 

e.g It is now March so I want to contact all customers with their rego due this month.


  • Select your Send As method = this is how you want to contact your customers Example: With the selection of SMS + eMail + Document, first clients with a mobile number will be sent an SMS, if no mobile then an eMail will be sent, if no SMS or eMail a document will be printed. The mobile number and email address are setup in the contact information in the Debtor / Creditor Master Files
  • Edit the Message you want to send


  • Go to the Send To tab
  • Click Create List
  • Output messages



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