How to make and keep your Vehicle Model and Makes consistant

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to keep your makes and models consistent.

When entering a vehicle you now have the option to Select the Model and Make from a selection list. The selection list is populated by entries you have made previously.




If you have been using Autosoft for a long while, you may have ended up with multiple entries for the same make and/or model of vehicles due to spelling or case inconsistencies.

For example;


This can cause issues if you are trying to report on this info or use the communication centre functions to contact all owners of a certain make or model. 



To fix all your Vehicle Makes and/or Models

  • Go to Workshop - Vehicle Master Files 
  • Details Page 2 Tab - Vehicle Make/Model Change



  • Make your selection and Process



Once Processed, this will reassign all vehicles with the mistake make and/or model to the correct listing AND remove the incorrect listing from the selection list completely (as there should be no further entries with this info) 


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