How to do a Labour Invoice/RO

The purpose of this document is to learn how to do an Invoice Repair Order correctly in your Autosoft system. 

This guide has been broken up into 8 Steps you can follow as applicable. 


1. Find the Booking/RO Job you need to finish or Start Creating the Invoice/RO from Scratch

    • Go to Workshop - Job Centre OR  Recall Invoice, find and select the job you want t finish



    • Go to Workshop- Invoice /Repair Order – Labour Invoice/Repair Order 


    • Select the Existing Rego or Add New Vehicle and enter the Customer and Rego Details.
    • Change the Type to Invoice

2. Add Parts &/OR Add Labour and Record the Work Hours 


a) Add Parts


  • Go to Item field and type the part number OR F4 to search for it
    • Select Parts from the Type


      • Find the part you want to use
      • Click OK or Enter on your keyboard
  • Tab through and enter the Qty and price


If it is only parts you need to add- continue to the step 3. 




b) Add Labour

  • Go to Item field and F4 to search
  • Select labour from the Type
  • Find the labour line you want to use
  • Click OK or Enter on your keyboard
  • Tab through to add the Qty (charge hrs) and price




c) Record Staff/Mechanic hours on labour

  • Highlight the Labour Line in the Jobs/Parts tab
  • Go to 5 Work Hours tab
  • Check the Mechanic Clock On/Clock off times OR Enter them manually

If you want to use the Clock On/Clock off feature - see this guide



 3. Enter your Notes or Story on the Labour or Parts 

  • Highlight the Labour line
  • Go to Notes tab
  • Type in your story either in
  • Invoice Item Notes field -these notes will appear underneath the labour line
  • Invoice Notes/Future Worked Required -notes will appear at the bottom of the invoice

4. Print & Close OR Finalise the Invoice

  • Account Customer -click on Finalise
          Note: this will print the invoice and will put it into the Debtor Master File as an outstanding amount.
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