How to manually add Mechanic Hours to a job

The purpose of this guide is to show you the options when it comes to adding Mechanic Hours to Workshop Invoice/ROs. Recording mechanic hours allows you to report on the Labour charged vs the actual time spent on it. Doing this is the effectively the only way to report on profitability of labour lines on invoices. 


Manual Mechanic Hours by entering the Mechanics Start and End Time

(if no actual start/end time was recorded, you can simply put in an End time to manually enter the number of hours)

During any stage of the Booking/Invoicing process on either a Workshop - Invoice/Ro (Vehicle) OR a Labour Invoice/RO;

  • Select the Labour Line you have added to the Invoice/RO
  • Click on the Hours OR Work Hours tab

Select_Labour_Line.pngOR Labour_invoice_line_selected.png

  • F4 to search and select the Mechanic who worked on the job 
  • Enter the Date they worked on the job (defaults to today) 
  • Enter the Start Time and End Time, if you dont want to enter specific Start and End times - simply enter the End time and this will work out the hours for you. 


  • You can add on as many Mechanics and their times spent on that labour line as necessary.





Mechanic Times Entry Clock On/Clock Off Feature

This is is the most accurate recording method and is very fast and efficient if you have a barcode scanner attached to a PC with Autosoft in the workshop where your mechanics can scan their Job card barcode and their mechanic code barcode to clock on, then clock off on breaks or when they have finished the job. For the guide on this


Reporting - to see a guide on Mechanic Times vs Charged times see this guide


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